About Us

OutcomeHome is a social enterprise providing psychological services, both directly and indirectly to people who are homeless who suffer mental health needs and health and social exclusion.

We understand that the work you do as frontline support to people who are homeless is both rewarding and demanding. We aim to help you develop your own resilience and provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to reflect on your own experiences and values, and to more effectively support those you work with.

The aim of the social enterprise is to provide evidence based direct psychological therapy to people who are homeless and to provide training to outreach workers to better enable them to engage those who are most marginalised from services in the process of change.

Training courses are tailor-made to suit your circumstances. Whilst we have substantial evidence based programmes, this can be adapted to half day, one or two days (or more) depending on your needs.

Using a psychologically informed environment framework and cognitive behavioural /dialectical behavioural approaches, we aim to support you to work with your clients to ensure you are adequately equipped to deal effectively with the highly complex issues that people who are homeless experience.